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        The gallery regularly has exhibitions by talented up-and-coming artists from around the world. Of particular note are the first rate contemporary artists from Japan, whose painting, sculpture, installation/video and works on paper offer a vision from their unique perspective. 

Fugetsu-Sha: Japanese Group Art Show

Monday, December 19th (12pm-6pm) - Thursday,December 22nd (12pm-6pm)
Reception: Thursday, December 22nd (6pm-8pm)


A Way Out in the Open:
Solo exhibition by A Day Living

Wednesday, July 27th (7pm-10pm)
Thursday,     July 28th (12pm-6pm)

Wednesday, July 27th (7pm-10pm)


  Fugetsu-Sha: Japanese Artist Group Show 

Monday June 27th (3pm-6pm), 
Tuesday June 28th - Thursday, June 30th 2022

Thursday, June 30th (6pm-8pm)

Fugetsu-Sha: Japanese Artist Group Show

Monday, July 26 - Friday 30, 2021‬

Reception: Thursday July 29, 2021 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Akemi Fujita: A Standstill Sculpture Series

Monday, October 19 - Saturday, November 7, 2021‬

Reception: Thursday October 22, 2021 6pm - 8pm

Caelum Gallery is proud to present a second solo show by the sculptor Akemi Fujita. 

Fujita’s powerful work is in three categories for this show: a blistering memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, an enigmatic series of blocks tied with rope, and a stunning bust of a woman. The materials the artist used unify this diverse show: drift wood, clay and cement. The former two are natural and the latter is manufactured; there is a battle between the two. Each block of cement is tide with a rope that is made of clay, as if the rope is constraining the monolith. 


The artist has an ingenious method of combining driftwood with clay to create convincing and haunting pairs of legs- life-size without torsos- and the woman’s bust that surges with emotion. Another unifying element to the show is color- the grey of the cement and clay, and the bleached wood. Although the show is somber in tone, it is also deeply human and moving.   

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